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Texas Hippie Coalition, A Crime of Envy !

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Rock Movement Entertainment Blog Post - Texas Hippie Coalition, A Crime of Envy . At Venue 1720 in Los Angeles Ca Pinup Productions Promoter invited Firing All Cylinders and some Locals brought around 150 + people . Most of which were paid tickets at 16-18$ per ticket . After 2 months of promoting the show , Firing All Cylinders and Siva and more posted 100s of social media posts , Money on advertising and spent gas money delivering tickets to fans who wanted to pre purchase tickets which can be a great strategy for assuring a crowd . The burden was placed on the local popular talent to bring people to the venue on this Sunday . PinUp Productions is popular and has a good name , so Firing All Cylinders wanted to impress . With hard work , money and time spent ; Firing All Cylinders sold about 40 tickets at about 16-18$ per ticket . Most of their fans wore Firing All Cylinders t shirts as proof of support . Photos can be found on on many of the bands Instagram pages . The show was a success , especially for a Sunday Rock and Metal show . The local bands and fans were excited and it was a proud moment for Los Angeles . Siva went on to play an incredible opening set and they drew the crowd from the very nice bar and food selection and after their second song in the set “ Grace “ taken from their Ep , most of the audience was up in front . We posted their video live on our Facebook page ( Rock Movement Entertainment) and featured them as our Artist of the week . Firing All Cylinders , with over 50 fans and 6+ crewmen, and 30 + fans wearing their T shirts to support . Texas Hippie Coalition and there Lead Tour Manager made the decision in their envy to cut the Firing All Cylinders set short in the middle of there 3rd and 4th song 15 mins in . After bringing more fans than any other artist playing that night , they were not rewarded any pay for bringing the party , I’m talking 0$ , no gas reimbursement or advertising reimbursement. Their fans were robbed of the best and final 3 songs in the agreed upon pre established 23 minutes short set list ( 25 mins agreed plus load on time and load off time ) . The sound guy was ordered by Texas Hippie Coalitions Lead tour manager to cut the set short . They saw the huge crowd at 8:05 that came in large part for Firing All Cylinders and THC’s Tour Manager set out to rob the local band of their audience. The very band that brought the party to begin with . This was disrespectful. The biggest slap on the face to the band was when they started playing a random song during the set as though to silence the band after their hard work . The band , locals and fans were outraged . The venue and pinup productions succumbed to the outrage of 70 + people ( half the entire audience almost ) they decided to refund the people who showed tickets . See the refund line photos on our and the bands social media pages . The fans may have been refunded their money , but not their gas money or their time . This is the type of CANCER behavior we must as a community SNUFF OUT of our scene . OUR music scene . Firing All Cylinders , Pinup Productions , and us at Rock Movement Entertainment have a few hard lessons learned . Lesson one : When the local bands bring the entire crowd , do not have these locals sell tickets for the show with 0$ pay in mind . You must consider bands time , effort and cost of gas . At minimum it should be 1 hr of minimum wage 10-15$ per band member in Ca plus a gas cost reimbursement and a Per Diem allowance for food . The fact Pinup Productions has the arrogance to book a show with Texas Hippie Coalition and not offer any money to the bands who do the bulk of the work for the show is a joke . It’s arrogant , it’s rude . Texas Hippie Coalition, who though has a “ Massive Audience “ of 100,000 + likes on their Facebook page they could not even compete with the locals draw . Not by a long shot . So though Firing All Cylinders brought about 1/3rd of the crowd based on refunds for the travesty and the Firing All Cylinders shirts worn , this band , these locals were punished because Texas Hippie Coalition was envious of the draw and wanted to get in front of a crowd they did not earn . Lesson 2 : Don’t work with Texas Hippie Coalition, unless they get rid of their lead tour manager , or unless they issue a public apology and promise to end this behavior in the future . I for one am big on forgiveness and second chances . This was a really disrespectful slap in the face to the band and to the artists , but I’m sure with a genuine apology forgiveness can be earned . Lesson 3 : I REPEAT , PAY YOUR BANDS WHO PLAY AND WHO BRING A CROWD OF 40+ I have a couple shout outs I want to make . The co manager or Texas Hippie Coalition was a nice guy . I had the chance to speak with him twice. The first time we spoke I was admiring his Telefunken shirt . Telefunken in my opinion have some of the best sounding and looking mics on the market . I own 2 myself . I struck conversation with him to find out he represented THC . I was delighted . He’s a great guy . I have nothing but good to say about the sound of the night in part by Telefunken ( sounded amazing ) and he was a gentleman . He later apologized about what happened and he agreed to me on side bar that what happened was , well some bull shit ( I won’t sugar coat this ) . The fans all had a great attitude in the end and were so kind to the bands and FAC . FAC being robbed of their set has a negative impact on merch sales . Though still seeming to have more merch interaction than most of the other performing headliners , I can imagine it didn’t have the best impact on there revenue stream on merch having there set cut short . The promoter never offered pay , so the bands relied on merch sales to feed themselves for the night . Final shout out to Pinup Productions and the Venue for apologizing for Texas Hippie Coalitions Lead Tour Managers horrendously rude call to cut Firing all Cylinders set mid song and agreed to refund the fans . This was a costly loss for the venue . Why would the bands care ? It’s not like Pinup Productions offered a single cent to these bands for drawing the crowd . The shout it comes with a bitter taste , but I am trying to give credit where credit is due . It is said Pinup Productions agreed to right the wrong with Firing All Cylinders ; but note that righting a wrong means that FAC was treated wrongly. P.S Final Note , watch out for the Homeless people at this Venue . One of Firing All Cylinders fans was attacked and chased by a Homeless man with a knife and screw driver . Stay safe out there , there’s nothing metal about a fan being stabbed to death by a homeless man after a concert . - Rock Movement Entertainment , Your Friend The Internet  , Music Reviews

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